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LASH levelling System and a preformed shower base

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    Default LASH levelling System and a preformed shower base


    I have an EziLay Shower tray with built in fall to the drain. I am going to use the LASH system for all my tiling (first time tiling!!)

    My question is - do I use the LASH in this shower tray or do I "free hand" the tile laying to ensure I get the fall that is already present in the tray.
    (If I used the LASH I assume I would only use it on the straight lines (i.e. not on any of the split cuts) - or would this still muck up the fall)

    I am using 600 x 300mm (10mm thick) porcelain tiles.

    Any suggestions/advice greatly appreciated.


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    I used a levelling system for my shower base and found myself using it on all of the lines and the tiles followed the fall. I won't cut diagonals in the tiles as I don't like the look but your tiles are long, mine were 300 square 10mm porcelain as well, with a centre waste.
    Just don't over-tension the levelling.

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