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laying ceramic tiles over floor boards with existing vinyl tiles

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    Default laying ceramic tiles over floor boards with existing vinyl tiles


    We're in the middle of a laundry renovation and I have a few questions:

    1. The laundry is a suspended concrete slab and we are keeping the original dimensions. We are having tiling installed over the slab. What sort of waterproofing is required on the slab and the walls behind the tub?

    2. We have cut a new door way through to the kitchen. the flooring changes from floorboards to slab under this new door with a small change of height (5mm). What is the recommended height of the step up into the laundry to help stop the water from the laundry running into the kitchen

    3. We would like to install the same tiles in the laundry and kitchen. The kitchen currently has lino installed over masonite sheeting and very old vinyl tiles stuck directly to the floorboards under that. The lino and masonite will come up very easily, but the old tiles are stuck hard and and are very brittle. Is it ok to lay ceramic floor underlay over the old vinyl tiles, ensuring that the underlay is nailed properly to the floorboards? I'd love not to have to scrap those old tiles off piece by piece! Saying that though I still want a good finish.

    Thanks any help appreciated.


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    All I would do is go to a tiling supplies and buy a tub of waterproof membrane to paint onto your slab. But is waterproofing behind a laundry tub required? There are plenty of brochures on line to tell you how to waterproof an area which can assist.

    Don't know about the recommended step up into the laundry, but 5mm may present as a trip hazard.

    With the tiles straight on the floor boards, try heating them up to soften the glue then lift them straight up. Tiles would be heated with a blow torch to soften and shape, especiallu if they were run up a wall to form a barrier. Hit one with a heat gun to see if it works. Then once lifted, you can clean off the glue. I would be lifting them and not tiling straight onto them.


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