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old yellow tongue, 4.5mm cement sheet, queenslander, out of level floor?? URGENT HELP

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    Default old yellow tongue, 4.5mm cement sheet, queenslander, out of level floor?? URGENT HELP

    Hi guys

    Just moved into an old queenslander in the Noosa area. I have ripped up the old lino and and carpet in the front of the house (lounge living and a newer extension from 80's?) to reveal a mix of yellow tongue and old original decking boards which was the old deck of the house pre-extension.

    I am going to tile using a special order porcelain tile which we brought up from Melbourne. It is 900 long and 90 wide and looks like a floorboard.

    The decking boards were eaten in places and very lose so they are now all gone and resting over the joists approx 5ft in the air i'm on concrete stumps are 2 new sheets of yellow tongue. Never lived in a stumped house so am I freaking out about movement here???

    Problems I have: Total area approx 55m2. 50 meters is old yellow tongue that is pretty flat and solid however, where the old meets the new yellow tongue the groove in the old timber does not line up with the tongue of the new timber.

    It is a bit damaged and has low spots between joists (sagging?) and a high spot of 6-10mm of water damage. If I put my heel over the middle of the timber (between joists) and push down hard ( I am 75kg) there is movement of a couple of mm. Spacing between joists is around 400-430mm.

    I am worried how to match the floor? Do I remove the tongue and butt joint it? Do I need to lay extra noggins to support this if I totally remove the tongue? Do I remove this section?? Its a 3.6 long section and attached on 3 sides with glue and nails.

    The old floor has raised up a few mm where every sheet is joined along the ends. Mainly where butt jointed along a long run. where the tongue and groove is its not a problem. Do I sand these flat and seal the floor where exposed with waterproof seal?

    I was sold 4.5mm cement sheet as I have a yellow tongue sub floor so this is waiting to go down using csr stud adhesive and clouts . How long does Yellow tongue survive? if it is stained in places and is showing small high spots where jointed, is it on its way out? This is only 2 mm and its not coming off the floor its is more likely swollen or through movement over the years..It is dry but there could have been water down over the years?

    OPTION 1 :

    I was thinking about gluing and screwing the 2 new sheets down as best I can, sanding the 6mm high spot as best I can, this high spot is the only damaged area. Followed with cement sheet and follow it up with LANKO 173 floor leveler? Or do I try and remove the damaged section?? Anyone tried to remove a section of yellow tongue? Its nailed and glued down and is in the middle of a run of 3 sheets. I dont care about adding height to the floor I just need it flat.

    OPTION 2 :

    Rip up the entire floor and start again with 3.6 x 90 x 20 termaflor? Obviously in places the existing flooring runs under the weatherboard wall so could this open up a huge expensive can of worms??? I have a laser and I was going to check what is out of level and make hardwood packers to level the floor again. This way I will know the floor is solid level and new.

    I dont want to run the risk of laying over $3000 worth of tiles and have the sub floor die on me and things go all wrong down the line. Expense of new floor is not an issue here...

    What would you do?? The new floor is over the main entry to the house so a high traffic area. it will also hold a new kitchen and furniture etc etc

    I am worried about movement given the style of home, I have the best flexible adhesive and grout and additive to complete the job as I got this in Melbourne from erneste tiles. I'm used to concrete slab homes.

    Help would be great as Id like to get moving on this ASAP as im in limbo at the moment......If you are in the trade and can come take a look im happy to pay for help/advice



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    Hi Grant,

    I would be checking the existing levels first, if it's well out you may end up replacing the floor sheets and even adding some extra support.

    Very few old Queenslanders had concrete stumps when first built and white ants or rot would meant replacing them, how well this was done will determined by the establishing the existing levels.

    I would want to be pretty confident the floor was sound before tiling too.

    Good luck.
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    I have ripped up the old worn 3.6 x 0.90 section and all the joists in the extension are level from left to right but slightly follow the slope of the land going downward. The section that was the existing deck is going another way so I am putting a laser level in various points and with a planer I am trying to make fine reductions on some joists to take out high spots. I do need some packing material here and there though and fingers crossed I go well....The beauty of tiling is that you can hide a bit of uneven flooring in the adhesive.....This is so hard knowing what to do????

    Do I tear up the whole floor and re-sheet with new yellow tongue and try and put the house on level again with packers and planing? Its a ship load of work mind you.. The Y/T sheet I took up was not damaged past the grooved section so im quite confident the rest of the floor is good given its 5ft up in the air and we don't get floor water rising here im too high up.

    How long does Y/T last for? i cant find any info on it degrading and losing its rigidity over time??



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