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Polished porcelain tiles and screed

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    Default Polished porcelain tiles and screed

    A tiler I am considering using has said he will have to put down a 10mm cement screed over the entire house where porcelain tiles are to be laid. He said the the levels have to be spot on for polished porcelain.(which I understand because of the square cut edges)He said they would find the highest point in the slab where the tiling is to be laid and work from that. My tiling starts at the entry and meanders into the other side of the house.
    Is the screed necessary.?? if the slab is reasonably level to begin.
    How do you acheive a good bond between the screed and the concrete slab as I am concerned over time that the screed might lift or crack.

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    I reckon its pretty optimistic to think you could lay a 10mm screed throughout a number of different areas/rooms more evenly than the concrete slab which was poured and levelled without any walls getting in the way....

    If it was a bit out of level over the length/width the tile adhesive makes for a bit of forgiving ...Unless it was obviously bumpy I would not worry about it. With tiles I reckon it is not so much how much out of level they are over the entire job, but how quickly the levels change.

    If you had a reasonably consistant gradual fall of 10mm over the job that's not necessarily going to be a problem. When the fall is inconsistent with bumps and rises in a relatively short space that is noticeable - than that would be a problem.

    If you HAD to do something it would be easier to put down tile underlay to even out some of the bumps.

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