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porcelain or ceramic tiles in bathroom

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    Default porcelain or ceramic tiles in bathroom

    I want to redo the whole bathroom from scratch
    (well get someone to do tiling for me)
    what is best
    ceramic or porcelain
    wall and floor to be same type of tile.
    Also what is the average laying cost for tiles per sq m?
    I am in Melbourne South East

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    Hey Ger
    Sounds like you have some deciding to do about what kind of look you would like.
    You can do either ceramic or porcelain on floor or wall and it just comes down to what you want.
    There is no need to have wall and floor the same type of tile as it all comes down to what you want, its just that some more premium tiles and designs will cost you more to buy an to get laid.
    Cost depending on size of job (low square metres) and some other unkown details you should pencil in 100 bucks a meter and hope it comes in less than that.

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    If you're bit of a novice and want to do some tiling yourself, don't use porcelain tiles.

    Ceramic tiles are heaps easier to cut and drill, you'll be cursing the porcelains if you go down that path.

    Remember the 7 p's.
    Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

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