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removing tiles and screed

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    Default removing tiles and screed

    sorry - think i put this in the wrong thread originally

    back bathroom has "leaked" from the shower under the tiles and destroyed the screed. It went under a partition wall into laundry -insurance folk said all floor screed needs removing from bathroom and laundry (11.5m2) and rescreeding and tiling.

    I want to do the tiling!

    What I need to know is:

    Can i remove the floor tiles and screed myself? it is a slab with screed and tile on top. He Who Obeys has a pretty impressive hammer drill which chisel ends etc.. which i can use, but I am worried about around the waste outlets etc which are all PVC piping. Also I assume form loking at this site that there will be damage to shower cemenet board walls if I remove tiles from them. and HWO is very concerned about partition wall - if screed goes under the wall will this be a problem?? (which is not that unlikely given previous house owner did work himself which would be Ok if he bothered to do anythign to code or even to do some research - much use of FBSH required in this house - he was way too overconfident - I prefer to err on side of caution)

    Does the tiler do the waterproofing or is that yet another person - whilst i am happy to do second fixing, tiling, etc eg. Put my toilet, basin etc in other bathroom and had checked by plumber - alll fine - I do not want to be responsible for things which might cause significant probelms later on.

    Want to do rest myself not just because of $ but also frankly the sheer fun and accomplishment.

    What is reasonable cost for doing the screed? Any ideas on whether anyone in adelaide willing to do just the basics and not just the whole job?

    Hope you can help.


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    The screed is pretty simple, I've posted method here before. It can't hurt to try and lift the screed yourself with a jackhammer (easy does it). After this is removed, you must waterproof before laying the new screed or you'll have the same problem again. I would get a prof. w/p in to do it.
    Cheers and good luck.

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