Needed to hire a paver cutter for some granite pavers I needed to cut
hire price was $180 for the day so took myself of to Bunnings and
bought the Ryobi tile cutter $129, they also had another smaller one, brand
I forget for $24 would you believe also gave the ozito a miss this time despite
having larger motor and being cheaper.
Have had some practice with the small cheaper brand table saws and not
impressed with the guide clamping to the table but this Ryobi had a decent
clampdown mechanism at one end only compared to the other cheaper ones
which required both ends to be tightened by small screw handles.
Ryobi also had large decent measuring guidance stamped into the table top.

Anyway the granite was 600x300x25mm and cut through it with ease.

450W RYOBI® Wet Tile Cutting Saw (180mm) (ETC450) - Bunnings Warehouse

180mm 600W OZITO OZTCS600WA Tile Cutting Saw - Bunnings Warehouse