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Taking tiles off

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    Default Taking tiles off

    Guys i have around 85-90 SQM....lounge/living area....which has ceramic tiles..........i want to change it to new tiles(shinny one i guess they are called porsaline).........just wanted to know how long it will take me to take the current tiles off and what would be the best way to do it..........i have never taken a tile off but i guess i will save heaps......secondly can someone tell me how much i am looking for installing new tiles(tiles plus cost)

    Thanks heaps

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    DIY hire outlets have a tile removing machine that make a bit faster, but still dusty and noisy, a cheaper and slower method is a jack hammer with a spade bit, again dusty and noisy.

    Make sure you ear protection, some thick gloves, and good dust mask, most important a full face shield.

    Tilers charge between 40 and 45 bucks a metre.

    Good luck.
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    You will be doing well to get shiny porcelain for under 45 bux, if the tiles are large, sharp edged expect to pay at least 60 a meter for a quality job.

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