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Thinset and shower fall

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    Default Thinset and shower fall


    I am tiling over tiles on a shower floor. The waterproof membrane has been installed.
    I need to change the fall to the drain; which to complicate things is not center.
    I want to use thinset to do that. I have a few questions if you know the answers.

    1] is the finished height of a 12mm sq. notch trowel 6mm or 4mm?

    2] is a 10mm layer of thinset too thick when laid in one go?

    3] if 10mm is too thick what will be the result when laying a 10mm bed of thinset?

    4] if I build the thinset in 4 or 5mm layers, will the layers bond to each other if smoothed off?

    5] if the layers should not be smoothed off, what method would you use to rough up the thinset?

    .....keeping in mind the need to maintain thinset height integrity.

    6] which tile adhesive would you recommend for the purpose?

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    it's taken 3 days of research to solve this and I believe I have finally done it......KERAQUICK MAXI S1

    this tile adhesive can be laid at 15mm high

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