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    Hi All,

    This may be a bit of a stupid question, but it's plaguing me somewhat. I am trying to decide what tile layout to use on my bathroom floor, and whether it is important or not that the grout lines between the floor and the walls line up.

    Attached are the 2 options for floor layout. I am leaning towards floor plan B because it involves less cuts and looks more presentable. However I want to have the wall tiles to be positioned horizontally, so there grout lines will not line up.... but does this matter? Will it look OK if they do not line up? What does everyone else do? I've seen bathrooms with smaller tiles where they do not line up, but these tiles are 300 x 600, so I'm concerned this may be an issue...

    Any Thoughts?


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails bathroom-floor-plan.jpg  

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    Plan B I reckon...and with big tiles...I would line up.

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    Plan B probably the best - but there are some rules on visual impact - such as cut tiles behind doors or on walls that are not as visible looking in etc - very site specific (and an aesthetic choice that worries some people more than others). Search on this site or the web for advice on tiling layout.

    Even when using identically sized floor and wall times matching joints on walls and floors can be very tricky. If the tiles are different then matching is not such an issue - there is a horizontal break line around the floor perimeter in any case and it is common to have different coloured grouts in floor tiles and wall tiles too.

    I have found this site useful:

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    Hi Sebsez,
    I donít like the look of large tiles laid horizontal on walls, most the jobs Iíve seen and done have been vertical.
    That being said, I donít like seeing the less than half a tile in your plan ďAĒ setout. Sometimes itís unavoidable, as Oldbloss says, but hereís what I do.
    Always try to keep cut tiles at least a half tile or greater. The reason for this is that it just looks better. Also small differences the walls are not seen. A wall that is 5mm out of plumb or out of square will not be obvious when a 140mm cut tile abuts it, but if the cut tile row is 20mm to 15mm, then the eye will be able to pick this.

    In the sketch the grey are is to be tiled. Lets say it is a bathroom wall.
    I mark a center line on the wall and pencil in a row of tiles (top row). Straight away I can see that I will have a small cut tile at each end. So I start again, this time with the first tile half way on the center line. This looks far better. Note that by doing it this way, I still only use the same number of tiles.
    So to start tiling that wall I would find the center of the wall, and half a tile left or right of it I would make a vertical line the full height of the proposed tiles. This line is my starting line. I wouldn't start at the side. By starting at the middle I minimise any creep or discrepancy that may build up as I go along.


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