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Tiling adhesive consistancy

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    Default Tiling adhesive consistancy

    When setting a tile into adhesive and lifting the odd tile to check should all the ridges left from the trowell be totally collapsed.
    I found when setting a tile on a smooth creamy bed of adhesive just stiff enough to hold the ridges that i would have to press with some force to collapse the ridges.
    If I made the mix wetter so the ridges would just hold shape with some minor slumping,the tile would set easy but this goes against everything I have read or seen regarding mix consistancy.

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    I just found that the quoted "thick creamy" consistency was OK for the 600 x 300 wall tiles, but for the 300 x 300 x 10 floor tiles I needed it just a bit stiffer, or drier, or else some tiles tended to settle a bit later, and go below level.

    I was using a 6mm notch trowel on the walls, and 10mm on the floor.


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