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Tiling Former Fireplace

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    Question Tiling Former Fireplace

    Hi all,

    My next job is to tile the inside of the former fireplace in my kitchen. As you can see in the photo it has already been messed around with by the previous owners, all I have done so far is remove the cupboard they had built in. It will not be used as a fireplace.

    My question is, do I need to remove the two layers of old tiles before doing the new ones? I gather from reading other posts it is okay to tile over tiles if they are sound (which these are), however to do so I will have to build up the differences in levels caused by the different tile layers. If this is the best way to go, how will I do it? Is tile adhesive sufficientor do i need to use render?

    Any advice appreciated
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    Default Any advice? Please

    Does my post make sense? Was hoping to start the job this weekend, but not sure if I need to get these old tiles off....

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    I would knock out the old tiles, placing tile over tile just seems a little rough. I would think that building up the low non tiled sections would be more time consuming than removing the tiles anyway.

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