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Tiling a shower and build a hob on timber floor

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    Default Tiling a shower and build a hob on timber floor

    I want to build an ensuite. The frame and the outside walls (plasterboard) are up already. A friend helped me putting them up but unfortunately we couldn't finish the job while he was here (he lives in Victoria, I am in NSW). So I am left to finish it by myself and have got no idea how to do this. I got myself a "how to tile" DVD from Bunnings..
    The width of the shower wall (frame) is an odd size, 1050mm. And the plumber put the waste in as well already, so I can't use a shower base as none fits. And it's too late to get a base made before x-mas, I want to do the job between x-mas and New Years. So I have to tile it all and build a shower hob. I have ordered Villaboard for the walls and Wet Area plasterboard for the roof. I have used Wet area plasterboard on our other bathroom once before, never used villaboard and not sure if I use the same compound and technik to apply.
    Would be greatful for any advise in:
    a) How to build a shower hob?
    b) How to prepare timber floor before tiling, especially shower, so there won't be any leaks?
    c) What products are the best to use?
    d) Is it easier to use 200mmx200mm tiles for shower than 300mmx300mm (to build up a level to the wall)
    e) Is there any certain standards in NSW that I have to follow, eg how much the fall to the waste from shower wall?
    f) Is there a difference between Villaboard or Plasterboard to work with/plaster? Paper or gauze better?

    Thanks heaps in advance for your help!

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    mate you are going to need to waterproof the floor & walls' plus install angles.

    have a look at other threads about waterproofing.

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    Thanks, mate. What do you mean with install angles?

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