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Waterproof bathroom floor- is water-stop angle height correct?

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    Default Waterproof bathroom floor- is water-stop angle height correct?

    We are building a new bathroom. The bathroom floor base is yellow tongue. This was waterproofed with overlying membrane. A wetproofer also put a vertical water-stop angle around the areas where a frameless shower screen is to be placed, and also put an angle at the door threshold. A tiler then put the mortar bed over the vertical angles, and the tiles sit well proud of the angle.

    qu. How much of a waterproofing issue is it that a. the mortar bed and b. the tiles, are over the angle? We have been given conflicting advice on this. One person told us to pull up the whole bed and start again. Your help much appreciated.


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    Hi Bob123,
    As the name implies a water stop is used to prevent water travelling under the tiles.

    If the tiles are above the water stop angle water will travel, screeding level with the top of the angle means the grout between the tiles will alow water past the stop.

    So, at the doorway you should see the water stop and not the grout between the tiles along the edge.

    The water stop around the shower must be sealed to the screen to prevent water getting onto the the rest of the floor.

    Good luck.
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    "One person told us to pull up the whole bed and start again."
    They are 100% correct. See here for correct detailing... http://www.jameshardie.com.au/home/a...uction0906.pdf

    The $70-odd rotary hammer at Bunnies is good value for taking up tiles.

    (this has been a requirement since 2004....so its not a recent thing!)

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