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Where to waterproof?

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    Default Where to waterproof?

    Hello all,

    So after my post the other day we've decided to re-do the bathroom. We're not going as all out as we might have, as we're thinking about moving soon, so it will just be a retile and fix a few annoying features along the way.

    Regarding the waterproofing, some of the reading I've done suggests you only need to waterproof the base of the shower/hob and one metre up the wall - is that right?

    The unit is concrete on brick - so no waterproof sheeting - and I was planning on waterproofing the entire shower area (top to bottom plus 10 CM further out on the walls) plus the entire floor outside of the shower's hob. Is doing outside of the hob in the general flooring area not required? It's only 3m squared or so anyway, so I'll likely do it regardless, but just interested to know.

    Greg Johnson

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    Sounds like an older dwelling with concrete over brick under shower with a timber floor outside the shower.

    Waterproofing should be:

    For shower with hob, you need to waterproof the whole base and run the membrane down into a puddle flange in shower waste. The wall to floor interface should be waterproofed to a hight above the hob, say 50 mm above. The hob must be fully sealed, inside outside and on top with an overlap onto the floor outside. The internal corners must be sealed to 1.8 m from the shower wall to floor interface. Ant joins in the wall sheets must also be sealed as should all wall sheet fixings.

    The wall should be sheeted with a water resistant sheet like Villaboard.

    Timber floors must be sheeted with tile underlay sheeting and fully waterproofed right down into a puddle flange as the waste outlet.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck.
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