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Cutting Bricks manually

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    Default Cutting Bricks manually

    I need to cut a few bricks and pavers neatly in half for the new letterbox. Other than a hiring a brick saw for so few bricks, is there a way I can cut the bricks fairly neatly ? The bricks are Boral with 3 holes. Would using solid bricks be easier to cut ? Is there someone in the Logan City or South Brisbane area who has a brick saw willing to do them for me ? Thanks.

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    Most brickies just use their large trowel break them in half. Otherwise you could use a brick bolster, or if you have a 9" angle grinder with a diamond blade you could use that.

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    your best bet is to either take a drive through a new estate in your local area looking for someone with a bricksaw set up on site, armed with a slab, you should have no dramas getting your bricks cut. alternatively, assuming you are fairly proficient with a nine inch grinder, get yourself a diamond blade, and cut them with that. i wouldn't even bother with the bolster... modern wire cuts are extremely difficult to cut into halves with one.

    hope this helps!

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