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Cutting fire bricks to 1inch thickness

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    Default Cutting fire bricks to 1inch thickness

    Hey all, for a mini project I'm doing, I need a handful of firebricks that are 1 inch thick. I can buy a box from bunnings, but I already have some 2inch thick fire bricks, wondering if it's feasible to cut them? I've got an angle grinder, circular saw and mitre saw, but no masonry/diamond tipped blades (yet). What's the best option that will allow me to cut a 2inch thick brick into a reasonably flat 1inch brick using these tools? Or do I just take the easy route and buy a box of inch thick bricks? I'd prefer to learn, and buy a new blade, if it's feasible and comes out at <$100; otherwise I'll just buy the box.


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    i would be asking a friendly bricklayer to cut them for me, i am an ex brickie and still carry the scars from using a grinder to cut bricks........!

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    Personally I'd just buy the bricks the thickness you need.
    Cutting firebricks isn't an easy job to do well and I'd not want to tackle it with a hand held anything.
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    Default Cutting fire bricks to 1inch thickness

    can be hard to cut as they are pretty dense, you really need a brickies wet saw

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