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Damp brick wall in garage?

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    Default Damp brick wall in garage?

    I'm new to the forum. Would like to say hi to everyone.

    I wanted to ask for some advice on some discoloration of the corner of my garage brick wall. I have my suspicions it is moisture in the brick. The mortar between the bricks also has a yellow discoloration and there is some small efflorescence on some bricks I think. Please see images.

    The house is only 4 years old and is a two storey townhouse. That corner of the garage abuts my neighbours garage (you can see from the outside pics).

    At first I thought it was the dreaded rising damp, but it didn't make sense as the bricks near the ground looked fine - it was more of the ones in the upper 2/3 of the corner.

    Then I thought there was a roof leak somewhere, but it doesn't make sense - if you see in some of the pics the discolouration seems to only affect alternate bricks.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    It looks like flashing failure.
    Get up on the roof and youll probably find some fault with the flashing.
    It looks like it could be a box gutter which are designed to fail..

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