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How many wall blocks needed?

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    Default How many wall blocks needed?

    So finally and at last we are going to put in the proper firepit.
    The Boss and I want the round one that has the rear wall higher than the front; as per the links and photos many members have gifted us with over the last decade.
    [ Jeez is it really that long??!!]
    I want to start stockpiling materials now to have it finished by Christamas and my birthday at the end of January at the latest.
    I want the wall to be a 1200mm circle and the rear to finish around 900mm high; give or take a row of bricks.
    The cast iron brake drum sits 500mm high but I only want a single row of bricks at the front
    Similar to this

    The question is what size Ezi-wall type brick to use and how to calculate the number of bricks needed, rather than just guestimating.
    Obviously we'd need more of the smaller bricks.
    The Easywall type can be dry stacked to 300mm high according to the Bunnings page but at $3:50 each is there a better and cheaper option.
    My Google-Fu should tell me but today I'm feeling lazy and hoping the forums expertise can shortcut things for me
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