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Minimum wall radius for blockwork

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    Default Minimum wall radius for blockwork

    Hey guys,

    Just playing around with a plan for a house and was hoping for advice regarding the minimum radius to use for a block wall (390x190 blocks) to achieve a relatively smooth external surface. As the top of the wall will end with a parapet, is it possible to profile the capping to suit the curve and how might this be done? Is it even worth going down this path or should I just keep the wall straight?


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    Visit the site of one of our members: http://www.blocklayer.com/ArkWall.aspx

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    Depends on how you finish the wall.
    If its faced blockwork, you won't get a very good finish with a short radius (tight curve), especially on the outside, where the perp joints are large.

    If its rendered (of course) you can go much tighter with the curve, but you'll want a good blocklayer and renderer to make it look good.

    Have you thougth about using 200 series halves (190 x 190 x 190) ?
    You can get a much tighter curve, and they are easier to lay (stack bond), but you need plenty of horizontal reo (bond beams) to keep it strong.

    For a small wall, just lay them to a level, but for anything serious, use the calculator and system at http://www.blocklayer.com/ArkWall.aspx

    I've done some big houses with this and it is amazing how much easier and accurate the walls turn out using it, especially with large openings (the heads are more accurate).

    A good renderer can get a good uniform curve if the blocks are accurate. It makes a big difference.

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    Thanks fellas,

    Blocklayer: I'm looking at using split face with a 13m radius - i think it should look OK but obviously don't want to get it build only for it to look wrong.

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