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recyle bricks to keep external wall consistent

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    Lightbulb recyle bricks to keep external wall consistent

    hello folks,

    I am new to here and have been doing a bit search to see whether i can find some answer for my questions with no luck

    so i want to post it here and please help:

    i want to open up old kichten to get more northern sun and extend the lounge room to the west by 3meters. so i am considering to recycle the brick I am going to take off from kicthen area and put it to the western side to keep all external brick wall color the same.

    How do I take off the brick one by one? Is it economic and practical to recycle the bricks? Your suggestion would be much appreciated.

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    I would check to see if your bricks are still available and how much they are.. i recently recycled some old bricks from patio pillars into a new wall.. the brickie said as long as most of the mortar was chipped off it should be fine..
    it doesnt quite match perfectly though but still good enough..

    i just used a $60 impact drill to chip the mortar off, came off easy as and only wasted about 5 bricks out of a couple of hundy

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