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Replace brick and how to secure things to it?

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    Question Replace brick and how to secure things to it?

    Hi Everyone,

    Consider this:


    1. Am I ok to take out the broken brick and replace it? Like the garage isn't going to fall on my head is it? Is there anything in particular I need to consider (I don't know, what I don't know)?

    2. As you can see, the expanding bolt (dyna bolt?) that was used to secure the door frame to the brick has split the brick in half (length ways). What's the "correct" way to secure the metal door frame to the brick work? Drill a hole and use spaghetti?

    3. What is the correct name for the metal door frame material? I'd like to buy some more, but I don't know what it's called! LOL.

    Thanks everyone, appreciate any help and guidance

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    I am no hope with the name of the channel on the door frame, Yabbie but substitute the brick with a solid one, that one looks like a hollow brick. A lick of undercoat on the raw unpainted strip on the wooden door would also be on the list.

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    I would just remove the expanding anchor and refit the brick, might even be able to simply push it back in place and rake some of the mortar out before repointing.
    To anchor the door frame put the anchors in a different brick a couple of courses away, and dont use expanding anchors. Instead use Excalibur bolts that wont explode the hollow bricks.

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    (1) Yes, but refit the brick securely first, and no the garage will not fall
    (2) See droog above
    (3) Zincanneal

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