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Fill gap between garage concrete slab and grate drain

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    Question Fill gap between garage concrete slab and grate drain


    I have been thinking of using filler rods and Sikaflex Pro to fill this gap between the garage door concrete slab and the grate drain. I tried laying down some filler rod to size it out but the rods dont stay in place. Is there a trick to make them stay put before adding the sealant?

    There are a couple of holes in the gap which go straight through to the ground. I can smell a musky earth kinda smell.

    The width is about 25-10mm, depth 15- 20mm about 2.5meters long.

    Or as an alternative maybe use some kind of rubber seal cut to size, then seal it with SikaFlex Pro. I'm not sure.

    Basically, I want to stop rainwater filling the gap and going under the slab/driveway.

    Maybe a 2 step process?

    1) firstly fill in the holes which go straight thru (with what?) to the ground
    2) fill the whole 2.5m stretch with Sikaflex Pro or some other levelling compound?

    How would you fill this gap?

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    why can't you fill it with a high strength motar?
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    I doubt filling it with mortar will achieve much with a car driving over that metal grate. Polyurethane may be okay but won't get marks for appearance.

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    If the channel is plastic, you can pull the grate, push a few wedges between concrete and channel, and try to clean the gap with acid. After washing/wiping the acid from the gap and let this dry, use Selleys all clear to bridge the gap and push the grate back before the silicone sets.

    Selleys all clear is the glue of choice to stick overflow connections to rain water tanks. I have used it for this purpose, following water tank supplier suggestion and I have to say the glue is amazingly strong and sticks to almost anything.
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