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Infill slab to raise dropped slab garage???

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    Default Infill slab to raise dropped slab garage???

    I have just started my renos and thus also found this place. I am yet to have a good look around as I have need to have some light "shed" on my garage renos.

    The house is a basic 3 bed, 1 bath brick veneer and tile jobby. The single garage is on a dropped slab (about 150mm lower than the rest of the house). It is single skin brick with brick piers at 1800mm centres. There are no engineers details for this work other than a notation on the plans to "raise slab to floor level..."

    We are going to sheet the walls with gyprock. The plans are otherwise engineered and approved by council.

    I have someone helping me but I just want to make sure everything is right. I am more looking for what prep work is required before pouring the concrete.

    Does anything need to be done to the piers? Do we need a gap between the existing walls and the new slab to aloow for different rates of expansion and shrinkage? Can we batten out the walls for the sheeting or does it need to be framed?


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    Default shaneo's concreting

    pls visit shaneos concreting Shaneo's Concreting | Facebook i can try to offer you advice over the phone.

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    Without a site inspection a bit hard to know. Unless my guess is wrong this is not a job you should try yourself unless you have some concreter mates to help.

    Best to treat the raised slab as you would any new one so that means plastic waterproof membrane and going above the new slab height. I would be allowing for full perimeter expansion/ control gap too. You will need reo mesh (probably F72) sitting on chairs at around 50mm from the top finish level.

    Others might have different views.
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