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    Default iPhone Concrete Calculator

    I'm not sure how many iPhone users there are on this forum, but I have developed an iPhone App that helps with calculating the volume and price of your concrete requirements. For either a truck delivery or pre-mixed 20KG bags.

    The website is here for more info:

    I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions for improvement.

    Thanks, Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcpsteves View Post
    I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions for improvement.
    Hi Steve
    Welcome to the forums

    No offence Steve, but I don't see why -anyone would pay for that app, even if they could find it.

    I went to your website, clicked on the link and it brought me to the Apple store. I did a search for 'concrete' and I couldn't find your app anywhere. Now I could be doing something wrong, but I'm not an idiot, so I'd say most people wouldn't be able to find it.

    Secondly, your app doesn't really do much does it?
    Most people would be aware that to get the volume of something, you multiply the width x the depth x the thickness, then you press =
    If you plug your measurements in metres, then you just multiply by 110 to find out how many 20kg bags of concrete you'll need.
    It might be handy to know how many bags of neat cement/metres cubed of sharp sand, metres cubed of aggregate, and litres of water for a particular specification of concrete slump, and ultimate strength in megapascals, however I'd just look it up on Google, and plug the numbers into my calculator. Most people who may be interested in that sort of thing, probably know how to use a calculator anyway, and they wouldn't have to buy yours.
    Most people don't really need separate boxes to put all their numbers in.

    The difference I see is that your calculator doesn't have addition, subtraction, division, or multiplication (unless you're multiplying three numbers together). In fact it has none of the extra features that you'd find on a free on-line scientific calculator that can do trigonometry to calculate roof angles, along with all sorts of other advanced features.
    You can get simple ones with big buttons too if you want.

    There's a member of these forums by the handle; Blocklayer, who's spent a lot of time on building calculators. His concrete calculator allows you to insert multiple shapes, allow for edge thickening, or calculate concrete cylinder volume, and staircase volume. It's just one of the many building calculators that he has available for use online for free. As a chippy, I especially like his roof calculators. Quick and easy to use.

    He also has an Apple store.

    Sorry Steve, but you asked for honest criticism, so here it is;

    You have to make an application that actually does something.

    Yours doesn't really.
    Cheers, John

    Short Stack (my son's band)

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