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New stamped slab draining into garage

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    Default New stamped slab draining into garage

    Hi everyone,
    We had a new stamped concrete slab poured for our entertainment area that runs along side our house. Generally the fall is parallel to the house and that's fine. Unfortunately, at one end it is also sloped towards the house where our attached garage door is and it floods the garage every time it rains.
    Is there some way we can put some type of drainage in along side the house?
    Should we be contacting the original concreter and asking them to fix it?
    It's such a nice area with a new roof and all but I don't think we can live with trying to keep everything off the floor in the garage!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Should we be contacting the original concreter and asking them to fix it?

    Yes, the sooner the better.
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    There is a drain called Reln Drain.Comes in 1m and 3 metre lenghts.Is about 100mm wide by 120mm deep.and has a removeable grate.This would be chopped into the conc against the garage slab.You attach 90mm stormwatre pvc pipe to the end cap and providing you can get some fall on the pipe divert the water to where you want it to go.The drain is available at trade link plumbing,galvin plumbing and a similar type at good old bunnings.

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    Default Re; New stamped slab

    You could do what avagom8 said though the concreter should have advised on this as it is normal practice to do this on all driveways poured that slope towards the garage or house (same with patio ect.), makes it a lot harder to do now the concrete is already in good luck!


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