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Pea Gravel (Natural Gravel) Aggregate

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    Red face Pea Gravel (Natural Gravel) Aggregate

    Hello all - I'm chasing after some gravel for a project (some cast / polished table tops).

    American literature (see here) seems to call this "pea gravel".

    What it actually is is natural (alluvial) gravel of various sizes as opposed to normal crushed rock aggregate.

    Anyone know where I can source anything similar here in Perth?


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    It sounds like river gravel and you can buy it in many different sizes at the landscape supplier. You can also get different 'roundness' (ie how round or angular the rocks are) and will generally pay more for rounder rocks. The colour will vary depending on which river the stone came from.

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    Much the same as the previous post, it will be rounded gravel which typically means river gravel. What is more important it will have been run through a screen and graded to a particular size. The American site may give it as 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" etc. I suspect it is one of the first two so you are probably looking at 3mm or 6mm screened river gravel. Colour will depend on the river it is taken from. You may need to add sand to the mix depending on the source.

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