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Prep and sealing concrete garage floor

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    Default Prep and sealing concrete garage floor

    He experts, first time here from Perth, WA. I have absolutely no experience at all with any of this, let alone painting. Far from my profession.

    New home built 2017. Triple garage 82m2. Concrete only, and I would say a rough screed (not smooth).
    Back in 2018 we had the drive way done (exposed agg, and sealed). The concreter gave me confidence in as much that I can easily seal the garage myself and save heaps of $$$ as the garage is a simple job, and the concrete is “new”,
    I have overdosed on YouTube videos and ”how to pages” now and have now emptied the garage, swept the sand and dust and degreased the odd oil spot. The floor is quite clean actually.
    I have used a proprietary product to clean the surface of the garage with: Chemtech 1L Concrete And Driveway Cleaner | Bunnings Warehouse
    What about the tyre marks is that a problem or will the acid rectify this.
    I am about a week away from starting to be serious about rolling up the sleeves and getting this done.
    I have the HCl and will etch it probably 3 days prior. Is that sufficient time for the moisture to dry (we are expecting warmer weather).
    I do understand that there are many products on the market, our concreter suggested this product: Prime Exposure Coloured Sealer (safarigroup.com.au)
    Any one familiar with these sorts of products (in general). What do I need to look out for?

    Also, most of the contraction joints have cracked. Do they need be filled or is it ok to leave as is.

    I am aware that I have one go at this and cannot afford to stuff it up, hence why I am here asking for advice.


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    hi NiCA sorry you haven't got advice yet - Im looking for the same issue! Looking to seal my indoors slab approx 10m x 4m. How have you gone with it all?

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    I've used this stuff a few times on our last play - drive and paving. Works really well.

    If you have a look at the safety data sheet, its probably the same stuff as the Prime Exposure Coloured Sealer (safarigroup.com.au)

    Main thing for me is the results are better and longer lasting with solvent based products particularly with rough/broom type concrete finishes.
    First coat from memory is thinned down with solvent and second coat is applied straight.

    They say apply with a soft broom, however i find it flicks the stuff everywhere and as such have always used a roller on a stick extension. Apply's very easy.

    I'II probably end up doing the same with my current place once I finish the driveway in October (250m2 of concrete including paths around the house) even though it has a color in the concrete, applying the color sealer really makes it pop.....so the missus keeps telling me!!!

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    hey Bart1080 thanks for the reply. The coloured sealer looks great for outdoors driveway etc, and solvent-based makes sense. It's more penetrative.

    I dont mean to hijack NiCAs post, but I'm looking at doing my indoor slab (sunroom) and really like the natural finish of the 'helicoptered' smooth concrete, it has a softly modulated grey colour tone. But it seems if I seal it, it means I can't then paint it down the track. It's taking a leap into the unknown and is irreversilble. Im wondering also about epoxy finish with those chips scattered in.... will be using rugs to keep it cosy, but would like to keep natural concrete finish if at all possible....

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