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Self-Levelling compound

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    Default Self-Levelling compound

    Hi Guys,

    Im going to apply self levelling compound to a area of 30sqm (7.8m by 3.8m) up about 4-5mm. The floor at the moment isn't terribly flat and since I am laying 40cm x 40cm tiles, and need to raise the floor level anyway, I thought I would go with the advice of forum members and use the levelling compound.

    How difficult is it to use this stuff over a large area? It seems going by the coverage indicator, I would need about 11-12 20kg bags. Would I have enough time to mix one bag, pour, trowel and then go mix another bag etc? Has anyone done this before that can share some handy tips?

    Also, can anyone recommend a brand of self-levelling compound?

    thank you all

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    I know there is a company called "Metz" perhaps a google search may find a web site.
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