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Slab for 6x9 garage

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    Default Slab for 6x9 garage

    I have decided to do my own slab. I have done a few 3x3 sheds and assistd with some larger pours for a house slab. I have the drawings for the slab from the shed supplier with edge beams, etc. The shed will be 300mm from the fence line. The fence looks like it has been cut in a bit where it has been leveld next door. There is about a 200±mm drop down the fence from our side (I hope the mspaint drawings show it well).

    A concreter who has quoted (before I decided to do it myself) said I'd need a plinth along the fence. What's a plinth?
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    The plinth is also called plinth board. Its a piece of treated pine the runs horizontically at the bottom of the fence.

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