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Stencil Driveway Clean/Seal Product

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    Default Stencil Driveway Clean/Seal Product

    Hi there.

    Have got a stencil driveway that needs some TLC (attached) over here in Brisbane.

    I’ve pressured washed it twice in the past but would like something longer lasting with better results this time around.

    The previous owner did use “Fauxtex Decorative Concrete Sealer (clear) sometime in the past but am concerned with :

    i) Whats the best go with fixing the crack-line which appears for the length of the driveway ?
    ii) Whats the go with the white spots/glazing and whether re-color/seal would fix it?
    iii) Can I preserve my grout lines/stencil which doesn’t appear to have worn down too much?
    iv) Can I get away with some reputable xylene based clear coat or ?
    v) Use a colour based sealer and to get colour matched for that ?
    vi) The general how to/cost for the color/reseal process itself ?


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    I just resealed my driveway this morning. Used Lustreseal extended wear plus from Parchem. Good stuff!

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