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Strip footing sort of Size and reinforcing query query

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    Default Strip footing sort of Size and reinforcing query query

    Finally getting the front garden and fencing done
    I'm digging the hole for a post and there is a massive tree root in the way and I don't wish to kill the tree by cutting it off so I have a hole only 300 deep and 150 * 150.
    However I can easily and quickly dig a short trench to connect this post to a front fence post but I can only get down 200mm below grade where the tree root is.
    I can bridge the tree root easily enough using polystyrene foam and gravel
    Not talking about the surface feeder root visible, this one is about 250mm in diametre and down about 300mm
    I don't have any galvanised mesh left but I do have plenty of galvanised wire, both soft and high tensile, can I use wire and a turnbuckle to reinforce the concrete to direct some of the forces to the much deeper hole close to the street
    When doing a concrete pour this small what rating should I be looking to mix, is 40mPa going to be strong enough?
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