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1st time paver

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    Default 1st time paver

    Just wondering if I've just stuffed up my paving job. I've almost completed my 1st paving job (ECS Quarry 400 pavers) and I'm intending to use Pavelok to fill in the gaps. Because it was getting late in the day, I'd thought I'd leave it for a couple of days.

    However, due to the crazy weather we had in Melb yesterday, some of the soil mix that I had nearby had blown across and filled up some of the gaps. Paranoid that the Pavelok wouldn't work effectively, I tediously dug out the soil from the gaps by hand and I've also ran a vaccuum cleaner over it to get it out.

    Have I gone overboard on this or should I do more to make sure that the gaps are properly cleaned out before I apply the Pavelok?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I understand your dilemma. I did a job years ago where we paved an area one day, and came back the next day to finish off to see the whole area grouted with Alaskan Malamute dog fur, managed to sweep it out and sweep sand in.

    Try to get out as much as possible without going to the trouble of relaying, as the prime objective of gap sand is to get inbetween all sides of the pavers and eliminate them from sideways movement, as they are locked in. A blower may work good too

    Just be wary that the area needs to be totally dry before you use gap sand/ pavelok as the silica content dries like snail trails if not swept in properly and/or they get wet.
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