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cheap and cheerful options needed

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    Default cheap and cheerful options needed

    Hi guys, first post, second 'paving' newbie here.
    I've trawled through the forum, but couldn't find one specific to my needs, so here I go:

    (I'll attach some pics to assist...)

    I have some 50cmx50cm sandstone pavers. I'd like to pave over a straight, concrete walkway to my front door. I want ~5/6 pavers spaced around 15cm apart in a straight line and want to fill the surrounds with river stone.

    The existing concrete is in average condition, has a drain in one corner (at the bottom step), and has raised 'sides'.

    So... what are my cheap and cheerful options in terms of securing the pavers, and allowing for the drainage? Is roadbase a necessity? Do I need to cement?
    Etc etc )


    Imageshack - img0768small.jpg
    Imageshack - img0767small.jpg
    Imageshack - img0766small.jpg
    Imageshack - img0765small.jpg

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    From what you have said it appears to simply be a matter of mortaring pavers in place and putting a bit of mesh over the drain/grate to keep it clear when it it covered over with pebbles. Roadbase is mainly for leveling and providing a secure base...you already have a secure concrete base and can level using the mortar.

    The gaps between the pavers where the river pebbles are going will be sufficient to allow drainage to operate as it does at present assuming the pavers are not being placed totally across the width of the path. If so embed plastic piping in the mortar to run under the pavers and allow flow to drain.

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    Thanks Haveago1.

    Is a mortar product different to using a few bags of cement?

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