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interlock pavers preferred?

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    Default interlock pavers preferred?

    New shed is up and just getting the electrification done (trenching not filled yet).

    Will probably have crushed rock and cracker dust as the groundcover (same as drive).

    Am thinking maybe interlock pavers as track trails up to the roller door.
    So maybe 2 tracks of 600mm wide with a run of around 7m. Slight slope - 10%?

    Will lessen dirt/dust tracking into the shed from car wheels?

    I am reluctant to pave it all due to more water run off.

    Interlock pavers sound like they will move less with vehicle traffic but I suspect it all comes down to the base any paver is laid on.
    Do you reckon I should lay any paver on concrete with haunching in this situation?

    Or maybe not even bother with any paving?
    Could always come back and do it another day.

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    Just concrete it and be done with it. The pavers will move, sink, grow weeds etc. And years later you'll rip them up to put solid concrete in anyway.

    Its also flatter and easier rolling stuff alson compared to bumpy pavers and quiker install.

    Not sure of the price difference though

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    Quote Originally Posted by havabeer View Post
    Just concrete it and be done with it. ...
    Funny you should say that.
    Just after posting I thought, best to lay some concrete for the pavers, and if I do that why bother with the pavers, just have some concrete tracks.
    Don't want to get too fancy hey?

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