Hi There -

Need some advice as I intend to pave a walkway with blue stone 800*400*20mm
The intended walk way is in between a decked area and retaining wall.

Deck to ground level at one end of the deck is about 190MM and at the other end is 260mm

Not sure how to go about it, as I donít want go through the excavation process, compacting with road base, paving sand etc

Can I Ė Build a timber frame (like a deck frame) with either

  1. H4 90x90 bearer, 940x45 TP as joist

2 . H4 sleepers 200x75

fill the fame with crush rock,FC sheeting on top of the frame, water proof membrane for FC sheet and then liquid nail the paver's
Can this be done ?
What/are their limitations to the above ?
what would you recommend?