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Paving Finished Height to Limestone Foundation (1960's Reno Perth)

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    Default Paving Finished Height to Limestone Foundation (1960's Reno Perth)

    Hi, long time lurker and first time poster as we embarked on a reno of a late 60s place a few months back.

    Whilst the weather has been not too bad we have been doing some landscaping of the very neglected garden - as in rip everything out and start again from a blank patch of gutless sand.

    The house is on limestone block foundations with one course of brick to the ventilators:


    The original concrete slab pavers at the rear and side sat about 300mm below the junction between block and brick. I can't see evidence of any DPC. Given we are in Perth, termites are a potential risk. I need to raise the finished level of the entire garden to smooth out some level changes over the site and to get a decent depth of topsoil in. SO, with all that in mind the questions I'm wrangling with are:

    1) what height could top of paving sit in relation to the limestone footings? I see references to finished heights 75mm below top of slab for modern properties for termite protection, but would that apply here?...In any case, I'm concerned about causing rising damp issues and thinking the limestone may be more permeable/porous than concrete?

    2) would the fall of the paving away from house be the same as if it were against a concrete slab?

    3) do I need to put anything between the sub grades / paving and the footings...what do I use to fill in the gaps where the paving forms a straight edge against the uneven limestone face?

    4) and sorry if this is a dumb question - should the joints between the footing blocks be fully filled with mortar? Ours are almost completely devoid in places.

    5) if I need to replace the mortar then is modern cement mortar ok or does it have to be lime mortar or something else?

    Maybe I'm just overthinking it, but thanks in advance for any advice you can provide!


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    Geez some good questions and not many answers.

    What is on the other side of the limestone block? If the ground is raised up behind I would put garden 3/4 up. Have gravel against block to help drainage.

    Re-point mortar where possible with similar lime mortar. Might have to get it checked by local stone mason.

    Some brickies add a little cement to foundation mortar but be careful as it can disrupt integrity of the block.

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