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Can a rendered wall be rendered ontop of?

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    Default Can a rendered wall be rendered ontop of?

    Hi All,

    We have a house in Padbury that has been bagged when first built. We like the look of the flat render. Is it possible to render straight over the top of it? What sort of costs do you think it would be per square metre? I have attached a pic for reference.


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    I presume the bagged finish has not been painted. In which case the bagged finish needs to be etched so that a rendered finish will adhere to it. A dilute solution of hydrochloric acid and a water blaster will generally do the tick. The acid should be applied to a saturated wall with a long nap broom at a strength of 30 to 1 and be careful around painted or metallic surfaces. You can up the ratio of acid to water to a max. of 20 to 1 but I think the weaker solution would do the job. Don't use the venturi on the water blaster to apply the acid. Good luck

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