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Laundry Renovation - Help Wall patchup after removing tiles

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    Default Laundry Renovation - Help Wall patchup after removing tiles

    So I'm starting my laundry renovation and first thing is to remove all the tiles that are all the way around the room 3/4 up the wall. I've never done rendering before and wanting to paint most the walls has anyone got any tips or tricks or even possibly links to videos/ articles that has helped them?

    Planning on adding storage as there's none with hanging cupboards and new sink, hanging the dryer with front loader below. I've attached photos to give you an idea of my starting point and the rough draw up of what I envision minus the wall pattern! Look foward to hearing from you all!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails screenshot_20210107-002936_samsung-internet.jpg   screenshot_20210425-120932_gallery.jpg   screenshot_20210425-122110_planner-5d.jpg  

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    Good luck getting a decent rendered finish on those walls, don't waste you time trying to achieve a good finish with render especially if you have never rendered before, it's not easy to do this.

    Are you getting rid of the window / outside door in that room, the remodelled sketch you attached looks very cramped.
    Where the realestate photo, the room looks very spacious, are you re-jigging the room size, and adding two entry points, if so why would you need two entry points to a laundry, doorways waste a lot of space.

    You have three options.

    1: if the existing tiles are in sound condition and flat, leave them where they are and tile over the top of them.

    2: Rip off the tiles and direct stick Aquacheck over the render, this will give you a new perfectly flat surface to work with

    If you choose to rip the tiles off and direct stick, you don't need to rip all the tiles off, just where the masonry adhesive need to go.
    Page 33 here will explain the adhesive distance requirements

    You will need remove the painted section of the wall for either rendering or direct stick irrespective, as both products are not designed to stick to paint.

    3: Batten the walls with thin timber battens and aquacheck over the top
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    The photos are panorama so makes it look bigger than what the room really is unfortunately, also the doors are already there as it's the rear house access and into the hallway, no worries I'll check out the aquacheck appreciate you time!

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