Greetings all, the general house repairs are coming along very slowly, and I am on to working how to repair the cracks and damage in the walls and render. For those playing along at home, the whole house is made of rammed earth, which has, I believe, a lime render on the surface. I love this textured finish, which is much finer than say, a bagged finish.

Inside and outside there are cracks, some of which seem to only be the depth of the render (some of the render looks like it is actually peeled back!), while others are cracked right through the wall (okay, so only one is, but its still through and through).

Some of the walls are as flat as plaster board (but they are totally original rammed earth), with seemingly no texture. Other walls have that gorgeous textured surface.

Pardon the long convoluted story, but How can I repair these cracks, please???