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Rendered overhead beams in pergola

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    Default Rendered overhead beams in pergola

    I am looking to build a large pergola with rendered faced columns and beams, which will look very similar to the attached photo.

    In my case, the rendered horizontal "beams" will be approx 400-500 mm by 300-400mm section and will need to be built around the structural support beam inside which I plan to use a 360mm x 60mm laminated beam.

    As the maximum span between support posts for the horizontal rendered section is up to 5m I am quite concerned about getting the framing details inside right so that I don't get cracking in the rendered finish due to movement.

    Does anyone have recommendations for what kind of board to use for rendering subsurface (blueboard, foamfast, hebel?). Also details of how you would recommend providing the framing within the rendered beam to prevent cracking?

    many thanks
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    Have a look at Masterwall. Its EPS and has the first coat and mesh pre-applied I think it comes in 50, 75 and 100mm thicknesses

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