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rendering a water feature

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    Default rendering a water feature

    Hi all

    I have finished building my pool water feature using besser blocks and will need to render it. I have a couple of questions hopefully people can give their advice on

    What type of render should I use; acrylic or cement or combination of both (e.g., cement 1st layer, acrylic second layer)

    Are there any particular brands of render I should look out for/stay clear of?

    Should I seal the feature first or after rendering? and what is a decent product should I use.

    thanks in advance


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    You will be better off in the long term having it waterproofed.

    Good luck.
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    You can get an additive that can be mixed with water and neat cement and painted on which provides a reasonable barrier, then follow up with a sand and cement render with waterproofing additive as well. It will give a good seal. After you fill it with water and plants wait a few weeks before adding the fish and change the water over before hand as it will contain a few nasties from the products used.

    Alternatively just get it water proofed and later render over that if you wish with a sand and cement mix.

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