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Rust stains

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    Default Rust stains

    Hi All,

    Apologies in advance if this has been raised in this forum or if I have submitted to the wrong forum. I was hoping I could get some advice on how to attack a problem I am having. Our family have just moved into our house during the last year & I have have noticed rust bleed starting to appear from what appears the galvanized beading used for the render.

    The house is close to the water in the St George area in Sydney. It is not excessive yet but I want to do the job properly and not have it show through again. I have attached two photos displaying the issue and wanted to know what my options were.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Short term, almost any stainless steel cleaning liquid will remove the marks.

    Long term, strip the offending corner/s and replace the steel guids with the newer PVC ones.

    Good luck.
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    Get some rust neutraliser and primer treatment - packs at paint and HW stores. Treat then coat with primer then good undercoat then two top coats. Once treated and before priming might need to fill with exterior filler.
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    I have repaired so many of these, I am guessing it is either Rockcote render or a product toll manufactured by them.
    You need to get an enamel stain blocker and then just repaint it with the manufacturers specified paint, it is it rockcote just rockcote armour.

    It is organic material that has been picked up in the pit at the sand mine where they extract the raw materials. Everytime the Rockote lab man came out to asses the warranty claim they always dug coffee rock or remnants of an old bush fire, both are difficult to wash out and do not get picked up in the magnet.

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