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Attaching timber rails to concrete stumps

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    Cool Attaching timber rails to concrete stumps

    Hey guys )

    I'm wanting to install battens under my house as per the image below:


    Currently the house has ugly lattice that is half broken and doesn't sit flush with the house (in fact it sits out from the house a bit).

    As the stumps are concrete and quite old (a number of these are being replaced shortly), what would be the best approach in terms of installing the rails for such battens? Obviously, given the age of the stumps, I'd love to not have to drill into them too much - if at all - and wondered if any of you clever people have an alternative solution?

    Here's a photo of the ugliness that is the cottage in question ;-)


    See what I mean?

    Thanks in advance, guys!


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    You can do it multiple ways..

    Install droppers from the joists

    Dig a little hole beside the stumps and concrete a timber cleat in beside the stump and nail the top into the bearer.

    If you don't want to concrete them in you can dig down beside the stump to the top of the concrete pad and jamb a cleat in tight between the pad and the bearer..

    Then you have something to fix the rails to.

    Droppers would be the bet long term because the other two ways will eventually rot out..

    I have also used landscape liquid nailsfrom selleys to glue the cleats onto the stumps before which worked well

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    Thank you so much for that!

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