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Brisbane - Dividing fence HELP

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    Default Brisbane - Dividing fence HELP

    Hi All,

    Just received a notice to contribute for fence work form 2 from our neighbour.

    The neighbour is building a new house by March /April 2023. The site has not yet been cut and the land has been vacant for the last 6-9 years.

    We already have an intact timber fence running along the boundary which is about 8-9 years old and not at all falling apart.

    The neighbour wants 1 x concrete sleeper placed under the fence and a colourbond fence installed.

    I had thought of replacing the fence may be in a year or 2 not immediately. I don't have the money to contribute towards the fence at this point in time as we are renovating the kitchen and advance payments has been made.

    What I reckon from the entire saga is that after the site has been cut the neighbour may have a bit of a fall and may have to retain the land with 1 x concrete sleeper and thus wants to get the fence installed before the build.

    The current timber fence has no issues even though it looks bit dated . How can I respond to this without creating a conflict.

    Many thanks

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    FWIW if the present fence is doing the job (retaining work is the other owners responsibility if they are cutting the land) then you should not have to contribute in any way.

    Contact these people https://caxton.org.au/ for advice

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    It isn't your problem. It's theirs. At least that is the case in my council/jurisdiction).
    But you should get a say in the style/height of the new fence regardless.
    Just received a notice to contribute for fence work form 2 from our neighbour.
    I was going to add you need to refuse in a neighbourly way, but it doesn't sound like they have started on that foot?
    Is it the new owner/neighbour or the builder/developer who sent the notice?

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