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Farm fencing - timber post and rail

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    Default Farm fencing - timber post and rail

    I'm about to get installed about 100m of timber post and top rail with mesh fill for the house yard to keep my dogs in. The posts will be 150x150mm and the top rail 150x50mm H4 treated pine.

    I've been told by the fencer pine posts are fine and won't need any additional treatment/paint, however I've read bitumen paint should be painted to the in-ground portion of the post. Is this correct? https://www.thewoodproject.com.au/bl...r-installation

    Also, I was worried about the top rail sagging/bowing over time but he tells me he's sourced 6m lengths of H4 pine is somehow stronger then 3m length H4 pine rails. Posts will be installed every 3m. He thinks the 6m lengths will sag about the same as 3m hardwood. Is a longer length of pine stronger than shorter length when they are both supported at the same distance? I guess with less cuts in the middle of the run, the 6m pine may have more inherent strength???

    Keen for your thoughts.

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    I've done 300m post and rail in hardwood (messmate) with round pine posts (125 to 150mm)

    I don't know specifically what are the general fencing requirements around treated pine rails and so the following may not be any assistance for your specific situation.

    The round pine posts were hammered in by the fencer with his tractor at 2.4m apart. This is a standard distance for hardwood rails to stop/minimise bowing which is usually side to side when looking down the length of the rail.
    If more than 1 rail, then the joints on the post are staggard. Generally, these days its hard to get 6m lengths in hardwood and so they come in 5.4m which are better anyways given the posts are 2.4m spacing (less waste)

    The hardwood rails (125x45 or 150x45) are all pre drilled clamped in place on the posts and fixed to the post with GAL 100mm bugle head screws for the middle and 125mm for the ends.
    Some of my rails have been up for 8+ years and no issues.

    Just recently completed a back yard with 1 top rail and dog mesh similar to what you describe.

    None of my treated pine posts have had any additional treatment although by the sounds of it with 150x150 square posts, all your holes will be pre-dug and concreted in??....so I guess any additional treatment applied will be a bonus.
    If concreted in, based on what I've read with wood posts, make sure the post is sitting on dirt or crushed rock so the post doesnt sit in a bowl (the concrete encasing) of moisture/water over time.
    If your doing any end assemblies to take the strain of your fence mesh (assuming its roll out mesh and not mesh panels??), make sure the strain post rail is at the same height as your pine rail so it blends in.

    EDIT: Just looked at your link, is it mortice construction for the rail??

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