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Fence - Steel Posts Wooden Rails

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    Default Fence - Steel Posts Wooden Rails


    I currently have an old metal mesh fence with steel posts mounted in lots of concrete. I want to remove the steel mesh panels and replace with new wooden fence to provide more privacy for the front yard as we are on a corner block.

    I am looking for a bracket which will allow me to attached wooden horizontals to the steel posts.

    I have found the attached images on a friends fence interstate, but cant find where to source the brackets in Melbourne.


    Comments on images - At the rail joints they use a pre drilled gal bracket bolted through the post. Ideally i would cut at 30 degree lap joint but they haven't bothered on this fence and a simple butt joint sits in the bracket.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks Matt

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    Suggest just get some galvanised uneven steel angle. 50 x 75. Cut to length or order it pre cut.
    sorry for the ramble.

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    downer rmd has heaps of brakets and stuff for fencing.

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