Hi all,

I recently built an undercover composite deck over concrete pavers. The frame consists of 70x35 joists on their sides, dynabolted into the 60mm pavers and spaced with window packers - space was limited!

I'm now thinking about adding a glass pool fence to the end of the deck to replace the metal one that sits just off it. Obviously the joists at the end are not capable of carrying this load in their current form. The end of the deck has a breaker board so has 2x 70x35 joined with batten screws. The deck is 4.4m wide and I was thinking about something like replacing one of the 70x35 lengths with 100x100 H4 pine posts, lying the length of the edge, bolted to concrete footings. The fence would consist of 2x 1.7m panels with a gate in the middle and each of the panels would be screwed into a length of the 100x100 (2x 2.2m). There is a pillar on one side that can have supporting brackets for the fence, the other side however is an aluminium window frame so wouldn't offer much support I don't think.

Could this work? If so what size footings would be required for each of the 100x100 2.2m sections? The fence will weigh approx 160kg.

The alternative is to put it where the existing fence is just off the end, but I read the glass pool fence requires a continuous (for each section at least) concrete footing so that any movement doesn't cause it to break. At 30cm x 20cm (or 40cm x 40cm depending where you read) it is a significant amount of concrete!