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New timber fence, what price to expect?

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    Question New timber fence, what price to expect?

    Hi all,

    Our fence (27m long, feels like hardwood) that separates us and the next door neighbour has weather damaged and falling apart, so will likely need replacing. I contacted a couple of people (using email and hipages) but have yet to receive a quote.
    Originally I considered colorbond fence, but after speaking with neighbour, am considering just going for timber due to apparently being a bit cheaper, and the other fence is timber too, which would need replacing soon... so the less $$$ the better . I did get a quote from a local guy (non-hipages) who said about $3300 (colorbond) for demo, new fence, labour, removal old fence, not sure if that's good or not.

    Just wondering if you guys might know roughly how much the average timber fence (27m straight line) would cost? Obviously price differs person-to-person, location-to-location, but would be good to have a rough idea on costs.We're located western Sydney (Australia) if that helps any.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would never get somebody else to do a fence for me ever ever again.
    While fencing isn't exactly easy work it is easy enough to DIY and do it properly so it will last 30+ years and not the usual 3 to 5 years most contract fencers seem to think is appropriate.
    "A big boy did it and ran away"

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    Colourbond fencing here is $100/metre installed. That's with the old crap taken away too.

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    Hardwood is supposed to cost a bit less than Colorbond, but there are other factors. You will have to go on a quote by quote comparison.
    Plenty of fencing contractors in the local paper, if it still exists in your area that is.

    As for DIY ... Been there done that. If you and your neighbour both have some reasonable skills and get along, sure, it can be done. In my experience the times I have done fences myself, I found that I was left doing all the work and even at times had to pay the lot. It is easy enough yes. But it can be hard work if there is a slope, rocks in the ground or clay, and you may even need to hire an excavator or bobcat, not to mention a skip to dispose of the old fence.

    My guesstimate is around the $3000 for CB and may be $2500 for hardwood, but depending on who you call, it could be the other way around due to skills, supplies, or the phase the moon is in at the time you call. With full moon, always dearer
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    Just had new fences,Pull down,take away etc. $72.00 lin.metre

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    Cost me about $1800 for 22 metre of Treated pine paling fence approximately 5 years ago.

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