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NSW fencing height - construct within boundary

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    Default NSW fencing height - construct within boundary

    Hi all, have read fencing act and numerous other resources.

    Building in new estate (SW sydney)

    House is ready to handover, we have a section of fill along side boundary of approx 900mm, neighbour did not collaborate in planning stage ( I advised him of variance of levels and need for retaining if he decides to cut....) And whether he would have Drop edge beams or add fill etc. Given this guys has built 3 houses he just had no clue on the aftermath of managing cut/fill on a diagonally sloping site.

    I have full DA approval for a 900mm high sleeper wall within my boundary (it will go right up next to boundary line eg 10mm in) this will align and level my yard to my house FGL.

    My neighbour has to cut at 600mm, he wants a 1.8m fence on his wall to not go above his gutters (he did not plan for this when doing levels and looking at my plans.)

    That means I have a fence at 1200mm, apart from being ridiculous with privacy, its also a climbing risk etc. His landscaper sounded like a used car salesmen, eg. have a 50mm agpipe and 50mm backfill trench to save space, put some bamboo up so he cant see in etc.

    My house is finished he is yet to cut dirt, therefore I would like to bypass this process and erect a 1.8 fence on my sleeper wall wholly within my boundary and pay for the lot. Any issues in doing so?

    Would prefer NSW specific experience as legislation varies across states

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    As well as fence heights check for rules around privacy, there are often separate rules applied where cut and fill is done and how close to the fence this can be.

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    There is a set of "standards" requirements for boundary fences.

    Below is a doc to part of the requirements, once you get onto the planning portal website you can get lost for days trying to find info.


    I can't find the requirements on the NSW website, (from memory) it used to be for boundary fences past the front boundary 1.5m height, timber construction non-lapped non capped, from both sides, so if one side has raised the land then the fence needs to be the minimum height on that side.
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